Women’s Irish Sweaters

Shop our beautiful range of traditional Irish sweaters for women that are crafted from the highest quality 100% merino wool. Available in a range of patterns and colors, we are confident you will find the perfect women’s Aran sweater for your style. Order a women’s merino wool sweater today from shoparan.com today and receive Free 2 Day express USA delivery with orders over $50.

Women’s Aran Sweaters and Their History

Irish wool sweaters were initially made exclusively for men in the Aran Islands. The women of fisherman who wished to shield their husbands from the harsh conditions at sea used tradition Aran stitching to create warm, durable garments.

While initially utilising male versions of this garment, women started wearing and combining Aran knit sweaters with their outfits later. When this item gained popularity, designers and weavers started to produce feminine variations that were much better suited to body shape. The colours of the sweaters and their design are tied to significant variations in the sweaters’ structural composition. Men’s sweaters come only in hues like natural, black, grey, green, or blue because they are considerably more sober in nature. Women’s Aran Sweaters can be found both in the latter colors and red, purple, or yellow.

Elegant and Stylish Women’s Merino Wool Sweaters

Each women’s Aran sweater has been designed with an elegant and comfortable fit to the shape of women’s bodies. The classic Irish funnel neck women’s Aran sweater has been given a dose of modernity and refinement by adding different buttons, little embellishments, and Celtic accents like the Celtic Knot zipper, or by utilising wool ornaments in the form of flowers or geometric figures to decorate the neck. Moreover, the standard length of cardigans and sweaters has changed to reflect consumer tastes and vogue. Merino wool sweaters for women are now available in short, medium, and long lengths.

The Best Way to Wear a Women’s Irish Sweater

Women’s Irish sweaters are versatile, can be worn for any occasion and work great alongside any outfit. The golden rule of an everyday outfit is balance, therefore a good is to note the design and Aran patterns of the knitwear. If you opt for sweater or cardigan that has a simple design and a cable or diamond pattern, pair it with some more brave and complicated pieces such as a colourful skirt, shaped pants or a dress. It a sweater with buttons, pockets, or a more intricate design, consider pairing it with something more casual and neutral such as a long or medium pencil skirt, high waisted pants or everyday jeans.

Our collection of women’s Irish sweaters are exclusively made in Ireland from Merino Wool for superior quality. By wearing a women’s Aran sweater you are cherishing the rich tradition of the Aran islands and adding premium comfort to your wardrobe. Treat yourself to an Aran sweater that will encompass you in warmth, softness and elegance.

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