Men’s Aran Cardigans

Our Men’s Aran Cardigans come in a variety of traditional patterns and colours and are made from the finest 100% merino wool from Ireland, a premium grade of wool that’s highly sought after for its insulating warmth, breathability and luxurious softness. You can wear any of our collection of Men’s Aran Cardigans for any occasion. Buy Men’s Aran Cardigans online today, orders over $50 qualify for free 2-day express delivery.

Irish sweaters have always had a cozy charm to them, but when they are knit in the style of a cardigan they have a very smart and formal look that is great for both work and play. In the early 20th century the American college elite began wearing cardigans, which were originally inspired by the British waistcoat and were knit with simple stitches in colors such as navy and maroon. The cardigan was elevated to the level of an art form when the traditional Aran stitches were incorporated into the design. The softest and most plush Irish wools are used to knit all of our handsome men’s Aran cardigans (no scratchiness here!) in the credible Irish styles that date back to the 1600s, when hand-sewing was first presented in Ireland.

The History of Irish Fishermen Sweaters and Cardigans

Irish Aran Cardigans are beloved by many due to the carefully thought-out stitches and patterns and the representation of centuries of Irish history. Every stitch has a purpose, and each type of stitch—moss, ladder, diamond, basket, trellis, cable, blackberry, and honeycomb—has a unique significance. The style of stitches can represent something as far-reaching and ambiguous as the tree of life, or something proud such as wealth and success. When you wear your Aran sweater, you’re wearing and commemorating a piece of history (a very stylish piece).

Our Men’s Authentic Irish Cardigans are fashionable and modern. Aran sweaters gained immense popularity during the 1950s and 60s, and were especially loved for their complex woven patterns and stitches. Their heritage comes from the rich Irish tradition of Aran stitching, which first appeared among Aran sweaters in the 1890s in the Aran Islands off the Western coast of Ireland. One of the best ways to make a living for Aran men was through fishing, their wives and mothers would knit these sweaters out of unsourced wool to keep them warm at work during the cool falls and frosty winters.

Traditional Aran Stitches and Their Meanings

Some of the more popular stitches include the honeycomb, moss, diamond, zigzag, basket and cable. The honeycomb stitch represents hard work and the faithful worker bees of the Aran Islands. The moss stitch symbolises growth through the carrageenan moss, a fast growing seaweed that lines the stone walls of the Aran islands. The diamond signifies a blessing for wealth, success and abundance. The zigzag is featured a lot in Aran clothing and represents the rough, gagged cliffs that surround the islands. The basket represents the fishermen’s basket and its potential to make prolific catches and great profits. The cable symbolizes good luck and safety in the fisherman’s everyday life.

Men’s Irish Aran Cardigans Collection

Our collection of Men’s Aran Cardigans include the Fisherman Aran Jacket with a Collar, Lined Irish Body warmer and the Sleeveless Aran Cardigan. Each piece of Men’s Aran Knitwear captures the beauty of Aran stitching, will keep the core of your body snug and warm, and are perfect for colour-blocking ensembles. We use 100% merino wool that provides comfortable dryness and warmth, keeping you feeling great in the fall and winter weather. Upgrade your wardrobe with a quality knitted Men’s Aran Cardigan, or give one as a special gift for a friend that they can treasure for years to come.

View our range of Men’s Aran Cardigans below:

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