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Quality Irish Aran Clothing and Accessories

We offer a wide selection of Irish Aran Clothing in the United States. Our products include authentic Aran sweaters, Irish cardigans, Aran scarves and other Irish Aran garments.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of traditional Irish Aran garments that carry the history, culture, and symbolism of the beautiful land of Ireland. On our website, you will find one of the largest selections of authentic Irish Aran clothing available in the United States, while also having the comfort of online shopping.

We provide FREE shipping for orders over $50 in the continental US. Orders are shipped from our New York warehouse.

fisherman sweaters for men

Premium Irish Aran Knitwear

For all of our items, we only utilise materials of the finest quality, such as merino wool, pure new wool, linen/cotton, cashmere, and even brand-new, super-soft merino wool.

Although the hard-working men whose jobs frequently required them to travel far into the Atlantic Ocean or farmers who spent every waking hour in the field battling the harsh Irish elements were the intended wearers of the Aran knitwear, the modern Aran sweater is as versatile as any modern heavy sweater, it can be worn under a suit jacket as easily as it is to wear whilst doing a spot of gardening.

These sweaters are made with thick gauge knitting and perfect embroidery, so they last for years. If properly cared for, some have even been known to become family heirlooms.

Featured Aran Clothing & Accessories