Men’s Crew Neck Aran Sweaters

Shop our selection of Men’s Crew Neck Aran Sweaters. Made from 100% pure merino wool, our Aran sweaters are the softest garments you’ll keep in your wardrobe. Stylish and comfortable, our Aran Crew Neck Sweaters offer high-quality, extreme durability and astounding comfort. The crew neck design is simple yet versatile, offering a one-of-a-kind knitted garment that suits any occasion and can be combined in many different looks.

Merino wool is unlike any other type of wool in terms of its suppleness, and it’s not as scratchy as you might think. Its fibers contract and expand in response to temperature, either allowing air to circulate more freely around your body or keeping heat in when necessary. You will always feel comfortable in your Aran sweater and will never feel constrained or overheated. In order to shield themselves from the harsh Atlantic climate, fishermen heavily relied on the woolen sweater’s tightly knit design. The Aran stitch quickly gained popularity throughout the island and, eventually, Europe. The Aran sweater is still proudly worn by Irish men and women today and is well-liked worldwide for its style and practicality.

We offer a variety of colours and classic Aran patterns in our men’s Aran crew neck sweaters collection. Order from today and receive Free 2 Day express USA delivery on orders over $50.

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