Irish Aran Scarves

Made using the highest quality merino wool, our selection of Irish Aran Scarves are available in a wide range of patterns and colors. All of our Irish scarves are guaranteed to keep you warm as well as add comfort and style to your outfit. Order your Aran Knitted Scarves from today and receive Free 2 Day express delivery with orders over $50.

Traditional Irish Aran Scarves

Our collection of Aran style knit wool scarves feature traditional Irish knitting styles historically found on the remote Aran Islands in the west of Ireland.  The original purpose of knitting in such complex patterns was to create swarm sweaters for fisherman. A SuperSoft Merino Cable Scarf is a stylish and cosy addition to your wardrobe because the raised diamond, cable, and honeycomb patterns serve not only as decoration but also as extra insulation for the sweaters. Air is allowed to pass through the wool and wick moisture away from the body while keeping dry, heated air in.

In order to make the original sweaters nearly completely waterproof, the wool would have also been knit with the sheep’s natural, water-resistant lanolin grease still present. Although preserving the history and customs of rural Ireland in their lovely patterns, they are now knit with some of the softest wools available anywhere in the world. For anyone who loves Ireland, a Merino Wool Irish Scarf is a need. The remarkable heat regulation of the raised Aran scarf patterns is still present in these designs.

View our range of Irish Aran Scarves below:

Womens Aran Scarves

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