Men’s Aran Sweaters

Our Men’s Aran Sweaters are crafted from the highest quality 100% merino wool from Ireland and are available in a range of traditional patterns and colors. Our range of Irish Men’s Sweaters are versatile enough that you can wear them for any occasion. Order from today and receive Free 2 Day express delivery with orders over $50.

Over time, men’s Aran sweaters have changed from being a useful and warm garment for fishermen to a key piece of wardrobe essential. Aran sweaters were initially knit by the women of the fishermen to ease the harsh working conditions at sea.

These wool sweaters were first solely well-known to Irish people, but soon gained popularity throughout the world. Irish Aran sweaters are now regarded as high-end items that are affordable to the general public. They have evolved into the spiced-up component of everyday clothes, especially during colder months, thanks to their qualities like softness, warmth, fit, breathability, and noble, fashionable appearance.

The History of Fishermen Sweaters for Men

Men’s Aran sweaters are knitted using intricate patterns that represent ancient biblical and traditional day-to-day symbols and ideals that have been passed down for generations. The term Aran Patterns and Aran Stitches originate from the local area where the garments first originated, the Aran Islands off the Western coast of Ireland, where they were lovingly created for the local fishermen. The careful use of Merino wool layers using different styles of stitch have been effective in creating a protective wall from the windy weather contacting the fishermen’s skin, whilst also preserving the body’s natural warmth. The stiches were purposefully designed to create effective Fishermen Sweaters for Men that would keep the fishermen dry and warm, and in today’s culture the stitches are appreciated for their unique pattern and have evolved into today’s fashion.

Irish Men’s Sweater Stitch Patterns

The best-known patterns for creating the Irish Fishermen Sweater are Honeycomb stitch, Cable, Basket, Diamond, Zigzag and Trellis, and each has a different symbolic meaning such as wealth, treasure, success, hard work, hope, and family life. The representations behind each stitch are often a deciding factor on which sweater to choose as a gift to show the appreciation and values that the stitches portray. Others choose their perfect sweater on its design and appearance. Whichever Irish Fishermen Sweater you choose, you can be guaranteed you are purchasing a quality made product that represents the Irish heritage and adds luxurious comfort to your wardrobe.

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