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Buttoned Shawl Neck Aran Sweater


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Timeless Shawl Men’s Aran cable sweater made from 100% Merino wool, an organic material that is perfect for around the year wear due to its heat-insulating properties

With traditional Aran stitches such as cable, iconic patterns used since the 19th century to represent good luck, diamond representing success, and moss alluding to Irish green scenery

Stylish shawl collar adorned with a shanked football buttons, ideal for layering with your favorite pieces or styling with jeans and Irish newsboy caps

Sustainably crafted in Ireland, our Buttoned Shawl Neck Aran Sweater is an ode to Ireland’s knitting traditions, making the ideal gift for your father, husband, or brother

Buttoned Shawl Neck Aran Sweater

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